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Saturday, 26.11. 11:00 – 13:00

4M Storytelling for Instilling Critical Thinking!

Ta Politika / Workshop

During this two-hour workshop, we will familiarise ourselves with the 2nd Module of 4M Storytelling – the SenseGraph – and use it to understand how we can make a quick critical analysis of the information that we see every day. We will understand how to deconstruct phenomena into easily understandable elements, what the intention behind them could be, and how to deal with their influence on us and society. Join us for a quick thought-structure enhancement for Your already epic brain!


Fanni Hédi (Planet Earth), an educator from Amsterdam. She manages and delivers workshops mainly based on modern history and personal development. Her company, Creafae, also creates fantastical sculptures based on traditional storytelling with contemporary twists.

Ivan Milovanov (Planet Earth) is an Educational Designer based in Amsterdam and working throughout Europe. His company, Illumniscate, is on a mission to improve our society by facilitating people of all ages in engaging and innovative learning journeys.


Forest Room – Arena Varaždin, Hybrid


50 max