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Saturday, 26.11. Zero Borders Big Hall – Arena Varaždin


21:00 Warm-Up: cura i dečko / 22:00 Main Act: Burak Yeter / 23:30 After Party: niniva


If you want to attend Closing Party with Burak Yeter on November 26th in Arena Varaždin, you must register here.

EYE Varaždin Closing Party with Burak Yeter, cura i dečko, and niniva is free of charge for EYE Varaždin participants and general public (all are invited!), with the previous registration.

The number of people at EYE Varaždin Closing Party is limited. If you don’t register, you won’t be able to attend the EYE Varaždin Closing Party.


21:00 Warm-Up: cura i dečko

Sympathetic, well-behaved, sexy – cura i dečko

“cura i dečko” are performing live electronic music which makes you want to call your ex and tell them how you really feel. Humoristic lyrics, bold sound, and hypnotizing moves of the charismatic frontwoman earned them a nomination for the Ambasador award and, in 2020, helped them to withstand a 24-hour improvisation live stream! They are very serious about goofing off, a versatile pair that tells lies in their music videos – so for the full experience, you will need to borrow some comfy shoes, follow the beat of the 808 and proceed forward in the search for your – mmm – dose of serotonin!


22:00 Main Act: Burak Yeter

Burak Yeter is a world-known DJ and producer. He developed an interest in music at a young age and learned to play classical piano at the age of 5, and guitar at the age of 8. Yeter opened DJ schools in Amsterdam, Istanbul and Los Angeles called Connection DJ Academy. He has taught nearly 5000 certified students via the school over the years.

His single, “Tuesday,” turned into a global success, reaching #1 on various radio and sales charts in more than 95 countries worldwide. “Tuesday” was the 10th most Shazam’d song worldwide in 2017 after becoming a global radio and club phenomenon, that continues to this day via recurrent radio airplay worldwide. After the massive international success of “Tuesday,” his next single, “My Life Is Going On” from the well-known Netflix series “La Casa de Papel”, became his second worldwide success, where it was especially popular in Italy, and also hit the #1 spot in multiple countries. Innovative as he is, Yeter had a symphonic orchestra tour in more than 6 cities and reached thousands of audiences with this project the DJ & Symphony Orchestra. Yeter is currently working on upcoming projects in his studio in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Los Angeles, and Dubai.


23:30 After Party: niniva

niniva is a DJ from Zagreb, but her home address is in Varaždin. Her most noticeable qualities as a DJ are the eclecticism of the selection she offers, a ride all over different genres, and a great love for a gloomy and exotic sound. niniva loves all the different types of electronic music, primarily drum n bass, breakbeat, dub, and psytrance, but also always has space for techno, house, and various different forms from 120 to 150 BPM. When she’s not DJing, niniva is an organization and a redactor in musical, cultural, and many other TV programs, including her own original musical program – Dodona Sessions.