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Saturday, 26.11. 14:00 – 15:30


Beat Making: Who Still Plays the Guitar?

Cooltura / Workshop

Goal of this workshop is to get familiar with different modern instruments that are used in music production these days. The result of the workshop will be a song that was made with a help of different instruments.  The workshop is intended for beginners or anybody who likes to explore different gear.  Throughout the workshop participants will learn about MIDI instruments, how they work and what types there are. Participants will be able to try them out and make a melody or beat on them. In addition to the basics of midi instruments, participants will also learn about synth and its functions. In the end they will learn about the difference between MIDI and analogue instruments. Gear used in this workshop: Ableton PUSH 2, Launchpad pro, M – Audio Code 25, ASM Hydrasynth desktop.


Ivona Eterović tonota (CRO), music producer, performer and compositor from Zagreb, Croatia that finds inspiration in both ambient and club music, hip hop, pop as well as contemporary art and background music for films and theatre


Backwater Room – Arena Varaždin, Offline


8 max