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Saturday, 26.11. 14:00 – 15:30


Body and Movement Playshop: No Work, Just Play

Cooltura / Playshop

Through a series of PLAYSHOPs, VRUM collective members are developing group movement games and practical exercises based on various game-playing systems, contemporary dance, improvisation and partnering techniques as well as on VRUMs own dance vocabulary. While playing and having fun, participants are awakening concentration, sensory knowledge, boosting creativity and are expressing themselves through the body in movement and in creative non-verbal communication with others. Through this experience participants stimulate creative but analytical thinking and sensing space, experiencing the moment, using their bodies in a smart way, without a feeling of “being in a classroom”. Participants can expect the unexpected, relaxed atmosphere and heaps of fun!


Sanja Tropp Frühwald (CRO), dancer and artistic director of VRUM p.a.c. (Zagreb / Vienna) with over 20 productions realized, director of KLIKER Festival – festival of movemvent and dance for young audiences in Varaždin, Croatia, a board member of ASSITEJ. And yes, Sanja is director of EYE Varaždin Opening Ceremony.


Performance Stage – Arena Varaždin, Offline


30 max