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Friday, 25.11. 14:00 – 15:30

Dealing With Disinformation: tEUsday – Embracing Dialogue

Ta Politika / Round Table

How do we find solutions to current crises? Is dialogue still possible? What are the methods needed to find common ground? We are convinced that it is exactly the encounter of different views through dialogue and deliberation that makes the development of long-term solutions possible! Our goal is to reinvigorate this very dialogue on the burning issues and complex, multi-layered questions of our time. With the support of experts from the field, we want to move away from searching easy, ready-made solutions to developing new approaches to possible answers through the lens of a diverse, trans-border perspective. As a newly founded monthly „round table“ we come together one tuesday every month, that’s why we called ourselves tEUsday – and now also at the EYE! Joins us and revive true dialogue!


We are five activists based in Austria and Germany. Having gathered lots of volunteering, study and work experience all across the EU, we truly consider us as Europeans through and through. Our common interest in politics and the potential of true youth engagement has brought us together.


Backwater Room – Arena Varaždin, Hybrid


60 max