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Friday, 25.11. 10:00 – 11:30

Effective Housing Policies for Young People – Wishful Thinking?

Ta Politika / Panel

Having a home has direct implications on health, inclusion in society, or the decision to start forming a family. On the other hand, rents and house prices in the EU have continued their steady increase, and in some EU countries, this is one of the main reasons why young people leave their parental household very late. How do ineffective housing policies affect young people in the EU? The EU has committed to building a better future for young generations: greener, more inclusive, and digital – three dimensions that are intrinsic to housing. What can social and affordable housing providers, the EU, cities, and national governments, as well as young people start doing as of tomorrow to ‘build’ better homes in the near future? What are examples of good practices in the EU?

Moderator: Branimira Penić


Miroslav Marković (Deputy Mayor of the City of Varaždin)

Angel Mitkov (Bulgarian Youth Delegate to the UN)

Miha Zupančič (president of the National Youth Council of Slovenia)

Leo Staković (President of the Managing Board of the Croatian Youth Network)



Ø BORDERS Big Hall – Arena Varaždin, Hybrid


All are invited