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We have prepared for you more than 40 different activities, panel sessions, workshops, performances, Q&As, networking events, hanging-outs, and concerts!

How can you participate in EYE Varaždin programme activities?

  • You have to be a young person (15-30 years old)
  • You have to register and become an official participant of EYE Varaždin. Register here and come back to this page.
  • If you are a registered EYE Varaždin participant, scroll through our EYE Varaždin programme, and pick programme activities that you like and want to participate in.
  • Please notice that the number of participants in most of the programme activities is limited.
  • Don’t you worry, you can click APPLY under the description of the programme activity and reserve your spot!
  • Early bird gets the worm or – if you apply first, you have your spot at programme activity.
  • And this is it! Can’t wait to see you at EYE Varaždin!

In the meantime, follow our social networks:





… and become a member of our little EYE Varaždin community in the official Telegram group where you can talk and connect with other EYE Varaždin participants or ask us questions regarding EYE Varaždin:

Not sure about some things and could use an info pack? Don’t worry, we have that too:

Can’t wait to see you at EYE Varaždin! 🙂