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25.11., 26.11. 09:00 – 18:00

EYExhibition: 17 Stars of Sustainable Development Goals

Cooltura / EYExhibition

As a response to climate change, various types of injustice, and lack of care for the country, society, and the environment, 9 local artists will present each of the 17 UN goals of Sustainable Development with different techniques according to their experiences through 17 different art works. Foundation ZAMAH conducts a project „17 Stars of Sustainable Development Goals“, as an artistic performance organized in open space and  galleries, and lead a series of open public forums. In addition, the SDG learning platform will be given as an open tool for youth to acquire knowledge and get certificates about sustainable development goals. The changes we expect will be visible through the application of local policies, business adaptation, as well as the increased interest of individuals to take an active role in promoting the goals of sustainable development.

Exhibition curator

Drago Vručinić (CRO), director at Regional Foundation for Local Development Zamah. It is worth emphasizing more than 15 years of work on the development of philanthropy, especially when it comes to engagement in work in local communities. 



EYExhibition – Arena Varaždin, Offline


All invited