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25.11., 26.11. 09:00 – 18:00

EYExhibition: Connecting the World

Cooltura / EYExhibition

Unifying the world and disappearing borders, these are the goals of Connecting the World EYExhibition. In 2019, Mr. Bacon started a project in which 12 international artists presented their work in a calendar every year. Classical painting, urban art, graffiti, tattoo artists, photographers, graphic artists, everything is covered. Regardless of the level of fame, it’s about getting to know each other and everyone decides for themselves who their personal star is. The next goal is to present at least one artist from as many countries as possible. To create one big world family. In which people support and help each other, organize exhibitions, maybe even sometimes share a place to sleep or a studio.


Kai Schürholz aka Mr. Bacon (GER), a Berlin-based artist and printmaker. He learned screen printing as part of his training as a sign and illuminated sign maker, and he perfected it at one of the oldest and last companies for screen printing and making traditional hand-painted signs in Berlin.


EYExhibition – Arena Varaždin, Offline


All are invited