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25.11., 26.11. 09:00 – 18:00

EYExhibition: The Silent Mind

Cooltura / EYExhibition

The Silent Mind is an art installation displaying 3D motion sculptures. Motion sculptures deploy a set of sensual simulations of natural processes, including interactions among plants, water flow, soil formation and oxygen production. They consist of thousands of particles that examines how digital and physical worlds reflect each other and how the same forces transform moving image to the point of meditative, healing art.


Ana Sabolić (CRO), digital artist and non-fiction filmmaker based in London. Ana works with digital sculptures, 3D environments, moving image and documentary film. Ana has developed numerous international art projects in the role of an artist and/or art coordinator.


Ksenija Ladić (Sound Designer – CRO), is a Sound Artist, Music Producer and Sound Designer. She holds a MA in Sound Studies from Berlin University of the Arts. Her areas of interest unfold around site-specific sound interventions, sound design, sound sources, relations between sound and room and sound and body.


EYExhibition – Arena Varaždin, Offline


All are invited