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Friday, 25.11. 14:00 – 15:30

Green Jobs: The Great Renegotiation – Revolution of the Workforce Driven by Gen-Z and COVID-19

Ta Politika / Panel

The COVID-19 pandemic marked the start of a very turbulent time – people started losing their jobs, remote work has become a thing, and the overall picture of the workforce and the market has shifted significantly. We witnessed a great revolution in the workforce, especially among the younger generation – Gen-Z. More and more individuals are starting to stand up for better working conditions and have caused the market to begin shifting. Just salaries, reduced gender pay gap, achieved gender equality and guaranteed well-being of each employee are not just some hypothetical Green ideas anymore. Instead, they are being considered a bare minimum for more and more industries. Does this movement have the power to change things globally and across many industries? If you want to find out what the future of work brings, join this panel and brainstorm the answers with us!


Moderator: Kaja Pavlinić (President of Sustainable Development Forum Green Window and Vice-President of Croatian Youth Network)


Duje Kovačević (journalist at and activist)

Jacqueline Azah (student, activist, and a founder of J&H New Beginnings non-profit)




300 max