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Friday, 25.11. 14:30 – 16:00

Human Library With Queer Books

Ta Politika / Q&A

Human library is an innovative and interactive method of informing and sensitising, a successful instrument in the promotion of human rights. On one hand, members of vulnerable and stigmatized groups – particularly LGBTIQ+ youth engaged, have the opportunity for empowerment, to become active participants in creating more inclusive society that respects the rights of all citizens. By engaging in the dialogue, the visitors – also, mostly youth, are sensitised and informed: personal approach and experience help reconsider their views and strengthen the empathy towards others who are different. The titles are various: Lesbian, Gay, Transgender person, Bisexual person, Asexual person etc. You have 15-20 minuts for reading the books.


Lesbian Organisation Rijeka – LORI (CRO), founded in 2000 with aims to inform and sensitise the public to accept LGBTIQ+ persons, to eradicate prejudice and homo/bi/transphobia, to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender/sex identity and/or gender expression, and to achieve full equality under the law




50 max