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Friday, 25.11. 18:00 – 19:00

Performance: The Most Usual Day

Cooltura / Performance

The Most Usual Day is the title of the theater play that will be performed by Roko Nakić. It can be described as a non-verbal mono comedy with elements of stand-up. Play deals with the burdens of everyday life (work obligations, success obsession, coping with failure, boredom, etc.) that we all feel and the ways we try to escape them. The plot follows an unnamed protagonist during one working day, while he tries to keep his sanity in a whirlwind of obligations, but which breaks under the pressure and slowly but surely loses all touch with the real world.


Roko Nakić (CRO), perfroming artists and creative coordinator for theatre association Thirdspace, has a master degree in nonverbal theatre. He combines different performative practices such as acting, mime and visual art.


Performance Stage – Arena Varaždin, Offline


All are invited