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Friday, 25.11. 18:00 – 19:00


Round Table:  War, Energy, and Inflation – Students Ask, the Experts Answer! 

Ta Politika / Round Table

Junior and senior European Parliament ambassadors from VII. gymnasium in Zagreb organise an activity that could help youth from all over Europe to better understand the ongoing crises in Europe. As the title suggests, we invited various experts to cover all three of these topics and to share their insights on the current situation in Europe. You will also be given a chance to ask them questions and to participate in the discussion. We believe that you, young people, are the future and, therefore, you deserve a platform where you can ask questions freely and receive direct and trustworthy information. This is sine qua non in forming well–reasoned opinions on current topics.


Matej Bule Division Head in the Economic Analysis Department of the Croatian National Bank.  As Division Head, he is in charge of the External Sector Analysis Division dealing with inflation, exchange rates, and commodities market analyses as well as tourism, merchandise trade, FDI, and external debt analyses. Igor Dekanić Petroleum and mining engineer, an expert in the petroleum and gas industry, retired university professor who, in addition to his impressive career, also has a rich literary work related to energy and geopolitics. During his career, he has also been a consultant to the former president of the Republic of Croatia.

Rado Bekeš Senior manager in the Croatian office of the international advisory firm Deloitte. Rado has been working with some of the largest corporations in Croatia and supported them as an external advisor in the process of adopting the EURO.

Dr. sc. Branimir Vidmarović international relations analyst who earned his diploma and doctorate in Russia on the topic of Sino-Japanese relations. He is now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pula where he teaches history. Dr. sc. Branimir Vidmarović is an expert in Eastern European matters and is well-known to the Croatian public as one of the best political pundits.


Forest Room – Arena Varaždin, Offline


30 max