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Save the Date – Opening Ceremony ø Borders on Friday, November 25!

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Friday, November 25th / 20:15 / Big Hall Zero Borders – Arena Varaždin

Maybe we are taking for granted the ability to move without borders all across Europe, to be free and choose how, what and whom to love. The freedom, love, and creativity of the young people of Varaždin led the whole Europe to our town where we will, in a modern way, combine the classical and the modern, the past and the current, the local and the global.

What is the correlation between hip-hop and baroque music, Vienna and Varaždin? CAN U HANDEL THIS? (Yes, this is spelled right and you will find out why at the Opening Ceremony). Young artists from Northern Croatia will show that fight and unity are essential in creating the Europe of the new generations – green, resistant, and with ZERø BORDERS!

IMPORTANT INFO!!! All registered EYE Varaždin participants please come to the Opening ceremony and bring your national flag (if you have one with you!). 

Due to the limited seat numbers, Opening Ceremony Zero Borders is open for registered EYE Varaždin participants and invited guests.

But, we want you all there with us! So, if you are interested, please join us and watch the Opening Ceremony on November 25th from 20:15 via stream on Facebook @pecetri and YouTube @pecetri. 


Organization: VRUM – performing arts collective

Director: Sanja Tropp Frühwald

Dramaturge: Mario Kovač

Sound Engineer: Marin Kereša, nuSynergetic

Light Engineer: Saša Vrban

Assistant Director: Stella Žunić

Video Animations: Karla Skok

Costume Designer: Žarka Krpan

Choreography: Davorka Čorko Rodeš and Vindi Dancing Company

Vindi Daning Company Dancers: Paula Ivaniš, Iva Stanisavljević, Lorena Benčić, Jana Jozić, Ivona Čorko, Magdalena Bermanec, Tea Težak, Bela Ostroški, Lana Jergan, Tara Breški, Dora Obelić, Lola Perhaj, Lea Golub

Arrangements and Bandleader: Marko Prepelić

First Chair: Vanja Jerković

Youth Orchestra, Varaždin School of Music:

Vanja Jerković, Laura Kanešić, Patrik Bedeković, Petar Mumlek, Eva Barčot – violin 2

Matej Ilčić, Paula Malbašić – cello

Marta Balenović – viola

Božica Kopjar – hapsichord

Jan Strahija, Lucijan Tot, Niko Božel – trombone

Josip Nežmahen, Angela Brgles – trumpet

Petar Prepelić, Marko Prepelić – bass guitar and guitar

Goran Debeljak – drums and percussions

Piano and Synth – Matija Turk

Vocal Coach: Dorotea Ilčić

Solo Singers, Varaždin Music School: Barbara Pokorny, Lucija Pavlović

Music Performers:

Jurek and Matko Bais (rapers)

cura i dečko (electronic duo)

Masters of the Ceremony: Vanesa Petrac, Jurica Marčec


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