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Friday, 25.11. 14:00 – 15:30

 Vote at 16 – Debate It Now!

Ta Politika / Debate

Voting is one of the most important democratic rights that currently exist. But, when are we truly ready to know what is right for our society and for the future? During the last few decades, we have seen a rise in interest in young people when it comes to politics, civil rights, and modern social movements. Using debate methodology and activities, the participants will try to describe both, the positive and negative sides of this social norm. Using different forms of discussion in which participants will be able to engage on both sides of the house, we will raise awareness on this topic and express both good and bad outcomes that may come out of it.


Branimira Penić, Croatian Debate Society (CRO), passionate youth worker, an active member in several youth organizations, and member of the Croatian national delegation in Europe Goes Local project

Marta Keča, Croatian Debate Society (CRO), coordinator of the CDS debate programme, debate coach, and mentor in debate clubs, volunteer in her core


Pebble Room – Arena Varaždin, Offline


60 max