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Saturday, 26.11. 12:15 – 12:50

Working as Croatian and Slovenian Language Professionals in the EU

Ta Politika / Talk

This interactive presentation provides an overview of the EU’s official languages, language policy in the European Parliament, and the role of interpretation and translation. As the largest multilingual parliament in the world, the EP cares deeply about language. Every citizen can follow our work in any official language, and your elected representatives are free to speak and write in the language of their choice. Our language experts do not only master their languages, but they also have a deep knowledge of European culture, history, and current affairs.


MODERATOR:  Ružica Čorić

SPEAKERS:  Julija Nemet (Croatian translator), Andrej Žerak (Slovenian translator), 2 Croatian interpreters (TBC)


Online, but can be followed (just watched) offline at the venue


Online – all are invited

Offline – just watching/following at the venue 40 max