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EYE Varaždin 2022

EYE Varaždin is one of the most important and biggest events for young people in Europe that will be held 25-26 November 2022 at Arena Varaždin! EYE Varaždin is a unique opportunity for 15 to 30 year olds to interact, learn, inspire each other and exchange their views with experts, activists, influencers and decision-makers on Europe’s future. Look at it this way – EYE Varaždin is like a big hub with more than 30 different (and free!) activities for young people from all over the Europe and world. Oh, and by the way, EYE Varaždin is the local edition of EYE (European Youth Event) that is held every two years in Strasbourg. There are Ø BORDERS in attending this event! So, let’s start with the Ø BORDERS and 1ØØ % LOVE.

What would happen if there were no borders? And by no borders, we mean no visible borders like state lines, or invisible borders like psychological, social, or cultural barriers that hinder us? Recent events and crises around the Europe and the world have shown us how brutal it is to close access to freedom, human rights, or a better life for thousands of migrants or refugees, but on the other hand, there are some great examples (the European Union itself!) of how opening the borders can improve the quality of life, the economy or break down prejudices at individual and global level.

Wow, these are some tough thoughts, but we in Varaždin are ready to tackle them with you at EYE Varaždin event and program under the name and main message Ø BORDERS. We want to break the barriers between young people and decision-makers, politicians or institutions, we want to try and give – with no borders – recommendations of making our lives better in terms of green politics, migration, democracy and election processes, geopolitics, and culture. And last but not least, we want to show young people the beauty of creating, talking, advocating, or hanging out without Ø BORDERS through program

Varaždin, Were Are Thou?

Aaa yes, Varaždin is the economic, cultural, touristic, and sports center of Northern Croatia, with a young, but strong tech scene. The city center is old but sweet with many hidden gems, old family houses and villas, and of course a castle in the center named Stari grad. The whole town is ideal for enjoying the terraces, drinking coffee or beer, and eating a delicacy or a fine meal.

But we all know that people make cities, not buildings.

Sure, Northerners are supposed to be wildlings, cold and inaccessible people. But it’s not like that at all! All 50,000 people from Varaždin are a little more withdrawn at first, but in fact, Varaždinke and Varaždinci are great hosts, gourmets, hedonists, who like good time and company. You’ll see by yourself 😉

It’s best to meet them. You can start with a greeting:

Hi! / Bye!

Dobro jutro / dobar dan / dobar večer Good morning / good day / good night!

And continue the conversation…

Kak si? How are you?
Kaj ima? What’s up?
No je! Yeah right! It depends on the context
Koliko je sati? What’s the time?
Kako doći do… / Gdje je? How do I get to… / Where is the…?
Kolko to košta? What’s the price of this?
Hvala / Molim / Oprosti Thanks / Please / Sorry
Top! Wow! Great! In slang kinda way