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Friday, 25.11. 12:00 – 13:00

Recycling: Think Green, Do Green!

Ta Politika / Workshop

Think Green, Do Green is a workshop designed to raise environmental awareness, encourage and educate the participants on how to live a sustainable lifestyle. The first part of the workshop is a quiz about ecology, and the second part involves practical work – recycling! Each recycle group receives a different recyclable material (pieces of fabric, pieces of torn paper, pieces of wooden pallets). Other materials and tools are also provided. Considering the workshop is created in a competitive spirit, there is also an award for the most productive group, the one that had the most points on the quiz and did the best job recycling.


Dora Ćosić (CRO), 17-years-old highschool student from Zadar, Croatia. Dora’s passion is ecology and spreading enviromental awareness, and she’s really looking forward to EYE Varaždin experience.  

Lana Šešelja (CRO), 17-years-old highschool student from Zadar, Croatia. Lana has many hobbies like acting lessons, debate team, crocheting, and she likes to participate in various politically oriented projects. 


River Room – Arena Varaždin, Offline


66 max